Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gift Ideas for New Moms


I've been working on a list of projects to make for my stepdaughter and my new grandbaby. I've scoured the Internet for the best patterns.

Just click on the brown typeface below for the link.

Diaper Changing Pads:
Much friendlier than cold in the winter, hot in the summer and always sticky plastic.

If we're trying to save the environment from being overrun by diapers, lets do it for wipes too! Easy to pop in the washer with the cloth diapers. And much softer to delicate baby bottoms.


Snazy containers for diapers and wipes for the stylish baby and mom!

For polite camouflage in public

That could include soiled bibs, diapers, cloths or clothes. Add another zipper bag for a change of clothes.

Everyone needs nice dishtowels. This is a nice way to cheer up a kitchen and add a little color for very little effort and cost.

I fly back to Florida tomorrow. It's been a wonderful visit with my family. But I'm glad to be getting home and back to my husband, dogs and routine.

Good evening to all!


Micki on May 6, 2009 at 10:01 AM said...

There are some wonderful ideas here...Thanks for sharing!

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