Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Love!

Introducing Alexander Nico!

Sleeper, eater and pooper extraordinaire! He's a darling boy,
very bright and so kind and gentle! And ten days old today!

We're visiting Alex and his mom and dad in College Station Texas. Between holding the baby and helping the parents I've been doing handwork- hexagons. My, my, they're addictive! I'm combining vario
us techniques: Paper hexagons that I swiped the edges with a glue stick, folded the fabric down on it, whip stitched the corners down and then sewed the hexes together. Here's a sample (I used Moda's Woodland Blooms)

I can't resist showing you this last photo of Alex. What a miracle babies are!

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zippadee Do Dah

Hi to Micki, my first "follower"! I'm thrilled and complimented!

I've been at the drawing board (or should I say flannel wall?) trying to design a make-up bag that really works for me. I wasted a lot of fabric and eventually purchased a pattern from Aimee at I modified the pattern a bit for size, added a patchwork piece for fun and pockets. I also made the interior piece 1/2 inch smaller to fit comfortably in the exterior piece and cheated with "stitch witchery" to keep the top "hems" in place as I added the zipper. I used "Neptune" Fabric by Tula Pink for Moda. Love that line of fabric.

What do you think? (Besides the fact that I don't pack lightly...)

Just in time for my trip to Texas tomorrow to meet my grandbaby. (pictures to follow!)

Goodnight Y'all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Patchwork Purse

Presenting the Patchwork Purse! I've been experimenting with purse-making and here's what I've come up with. It's 14 inches wide by 8 inches high. The straps can adjust to 7 inches or 14 inches long. It has six open interior pockets of various widths to hold pens, phones, makeup, etc. It has a firm bottom and can sit alone.

The sides were pieced vertically at the bottom in three inch sections and horizontally at the top with decorative stitching in the ditch. It's soft, but not too soft.

I think I'll try different color combinations and different quilt squares for fun.

We are traveling to Texas on Tuesday to see baby Alex and celebrate his birth-day. I grew up in Texas, so it'll be nice to have some good Tex-Mex and beef ribs. And if we're lucky there will still be bluebonnets! I've already scoped out the Quilt shops in the areas we'll be staying. Guess I'd better bring some cash!

Have a nice day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Alex Arrives!

Announcing the arrival of baby Alex Nico Lench. He arrived at 7:00 am this morning weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz and 22.5" long. He has brown hair and very blue eyes. And a set of vocal cords you can hear 1200 miles away!

No pictures to share yet, but count on it!

In my quilting world, I've been working on a flannel quilt for my godson Kevin's graduation. I ordered the pattern and flannel from The Pine Needle

Here is a picture of the quilt. (I've finished two rows) The flannel is delicious! Soft and thick. I love working with flannel because it sticks to itself and you don't need pins.

Have a nice evening!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pins and Needles!

Well, we're on pins and needles here!!! My stepdaughter, Heather is in labor! We got word at 4:30 am that her water has broken and contractions had begun. They left for the birthing center at 7:30 am with contractions every three minutes lasting one minute.

Last word as of 4:30 pm, labor has slowed down and Heather is exhausted. Poor baby.

Please keep them in your prayers! More news later.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adorable Onsies

Look what fun I've had! I've appliqued baby onsies. Aren't they cute?!

Quilt Festival Spring 2009

Today we're entering the first ever Blog Quilt Festival over at Park City Girl. Be sure and click the button in the right margin to check out other quilts in the Fest!

This is one of my favorite quilts, probably because I made it for my soon to be out (delivered!) grandson Alex. Alex is still in momma, but has dropped, so we're hoping for good news any day! Here's a close up.

By the way, today's my birthday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Math is Our Friend (yea, right!)

Little did we know when we started quilting that we'd have to use MATH! Horrors! What a sneaky thing.

To make things easier on your brain, I've compiled a list of helpful formulas for your delight. If you need more information, may I suggest: Quilting Estimator

But for now, here are some helpful numbers:

1/16 yard = 2.25” by fabric width (42-44”)
1/8 yard = 4.5”
3/16 yard = 6.75"
1/4 yard = 9”
5/16 yard = 11.25”
3/8 yard = 13.5”
7/16 yard = 15.75”
1/2 yard = 18”9/16 yard = 20.25”
5/8 yard = 22.5"
11/16 yard = 24.75"
3/4 yard = 27”
13/16 yard = 29.25"
7/8 yard = 31.50"
15/16 yard = 33.75”
1 yard = 36”

Fabric Packs

¼ yard
• 1 Fat quarter (18”x22”)
• 12 charm squares (5”x 5")
½ yard
• 1 charm pack 25-40 (5”x5” squares) (24 squares=1/2 yd to 36 squares =3/4 yd)
• 1 turnovers contain 80 triangles. 2 joined makes 5” square (3/4 yd)
2 ¾ yd
• 1 jelly roll contains 40-42 strips, (2.5“ width by about 42” long)
3 ¼ yard
• 1 layer cake (40: 10”x10” squares)

1 Charm Pack contains 25 to 40 squares ( ½ to ¾ yd)
1 Layer Cake contains 40 to 42 squares (3 ¼ yd)
1 Jelly Roll contains 40: 2 ½” x 44 strips (2 ¾ yd)
1 Honey Bun contains 40: 1 ½ x44 strips
1 Turnover contains 80 six inch square triangles (two of each print)
1 Jelly Cake contains 1 layer cake and one jelly roll
1 Charming Jelly Cake contains one layer cake, one jelly roll and 1 charm pack
1 Fat Quarter bundle contains stack of fat quarters from a line (18” x 22”)

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