Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gift Idea for someone that has everything

Top of the day to you!

Thought I'd share a great idea for a gift for someone that has everything. When I used to do speech pathology I did a home visit and noticed something like the photo above. When I asked about it the patient started crying. Bingo! Great gift!

This is a Scrabble board with words on it that are meaningful to the person receiving the board. Things like pet names, street addresses, favorite places, people, children, dates, etc.

You'll need a Scrabble game, white glue, creativity. Frame set or professional framing.

To make this item, begin by writing a list of words you'd like to put on the board. This is fun! Take your time, perhaps a few days, to enjoy the memories.

Take the longest word and spell it out with wood squares horizontally or vertically on the board. Glue each piece down with some white household glue like Elmer's. (Other glues produce a gas that clouds the glass in the frame). (NOTE: you may have to buy extra wood squares if you run out of letters)

Once dry, you can have it professionally framed (like the first example) or do it yourself (like the second example). Expect to get "ohhs and ahhs" when you gift them.

It makes a great anniversary gift, birthday or wedding gift. The first one is an anniversary gift I gave my dh and the second one is one I made for his grandmother. When she died, we got it back. So, it's special to us and bit of her.



Micki on June 7, 2009 at 4:14 AM said...

That is a brilliant idea and so unique! Thanks for showing us that!

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